Our Philosophy

Whether you’re a consultant, broadliner, purchaser, operations manager, dealer, proprietor, or chef, your work impacts how people experience a meal – wherever it’s served.  Vollrath works every day to make each component in that chain better, more efficient, and more inspired.  We do it with a collection of exceptional people, industry-leading products, and helpful consultative services assembled for one purpose: to advance the art of hospitality.

Choose Vollrath, and increase your ability to compete and thrive.

Outperform every day.

Our Services

We have a caring and attentive customer service department ready to help you with all of your needs, as well as a technical service department to answer all of your product questions.

We have in house design consulting that will work with you to create the perfect serving line up or kiosk for your unique foodservice operation, from conception to installation.  Our custom fabrication department can help you create solutions for your specific challenges like we’ve helped hundreds of customers.

Vollrath has a direct sales force that will work with you and your individual circumstances.  Having local salespeople means they understand your local culture and clientele, and can recommend products perfectly suited to you.

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